Almost here! Wash on Monday

wash on monday cover photo

It’s almost here!

Wash on Monday is slated for publication as an e-book next month. This is the first in a seven book series, each telling the forgotten stories behind eight antique and collectible pieces.

Some of the stories are based on true facts and true people. Others …. pure imagination.

Wash on Monday has stories about eight unique pieces:
— The antique, primitive spinning wheel featured on the front cover
— Three indigo rag balls from Amana, Iowa
— A Scandinavian inspired stitchery tablecloth
— A bowl of marbles
— Antique purple etched glass candy dishes and vases, owned by Bea Bender and Pauline Washburn
— An original Patsy doll, ca 1941, owned by Iona Burk
— White tin metal plates, owned by Amy Royer
— A hand pieced and stitched quilt, made by Mildred Cline.

You can read the first story in Wash on Monday here: Spinning a New Life in Texas



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