B: Butter

A2Z-BADGE-0002015-LifeisGood-230_zps660c38a0It’s April! Time for the A to Z Blog Challenge. Each day through April (except Sundays) we’re writing a blog post to the Letter of the Day. The 1st is ‘A’, the 2nd is ‘B’ … and so on until we get to ‘Z’.

Some of the participating blogs have themes – and some don’t. Bread and Butter Days like to share tidbits from the past. Stop back by tomorrow to see what we added. Or, better yet, follow us and the post will go directly to your inbox. And don’t worry, after April is we go back to the once a week schedule (if that), so your inbox won’t explode.

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B: Butter

BBD_butter makingMaking your own butter seems like an old fashioned ‘good ole days’ chore. Way back when, if you wanted butter, the mother (or children) put the cream in a churn and got to work.

We’re spoiled now. On our trip through the market we plop a package in the cart and we’re on our way down the aisle. Butter. Check.

It’s still possible to make your own butter. It’s a little more work than simply picking up a pound or two on our shopping trip. But I think you’ll find the flavor is richer. And the satisfaction you get from making your own is an added benefit.

Give it a try! Here’s a link to a good tutorial on Making Your Own Butter.

What are your favorite thoughts or memories about time long past?


2 thoughts on “B: Butter

  1. When I taught preschool we used to make butter by shaking up whipping cream in a jar. Then we would put it on crackers for the kids to eat. They got to help shake the jar.


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