E: Emory Heritage Park

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E: Emory Heritage Park

emory1Small Texas towns are a great spot to step back in time and see remnants of earlier days. Emory Heritage Park is one of those locations. It’s located off Highway 69, adjacent to the Rains County Public Library in Emory. The Rains County Historical Society maintains the park, dedicated to the preservation and history of Rains County in the early 1900’s.

County Line Magazine reported in 2012 that some of the historic structures in the park, moved from various towns in Rains County include:

  • The Luckett House, a 1912 Texas style farm house.
  • Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church, built in 1930.
  • Point Gasoline Service Station, a 1920 gas station which was a community meeting place in Point, about eight miles northwest of Emory, selling groceries, snacks, auto parts, and other supplies.
  • The Point Cotton Gin scales building, dated from the 1920’s. Around the 1900’s, cotton was a major cash crop for farmers in East Texas. The cotton industry in Rains County reached its record high in 1931.
  • The Rains County Leader building is a replica of the 1887 newspaper’s office that still serves Rains County today.
  • Other structures in the park include an octagonal bandstand, an outhouse, and a steel jail cell. A replica of an old jail building is planned to be built around this cell.

emory2Emory, the “land between the lakes,” is located 70 miles northeast of Dallas between Lake Tawakoni and Lake Fork.

For further enquiry contact the City of Emory Development Corporation, 903-473-2465 or visit their website at http://www.emorytx.com.

See photos of Emory Heritage Park at http://www.inegaleri.com.


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