I: Ice Boxes

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I: Ice Boxes

ice boxA popular item in days from the past, the old time ‘ice box’ was a vital part of each kitchen. Replaced by the newfangled refrigerators that began to be introduced in the 1930’s, the ice box, along with the popular ice man was gradually displaced to a mention in history.

My mother, born in 1936, has early memories of the ice box the Jones’ family had in Glendora. She remembers the weekly visits of the ice man, delivering the huge block of ice to the house.

Can you imagine the mess from the slowly melting block of ice? The problems if you missed a delivery? The food that spoiled from not staying cold enough. My goodness, and we whine if our electricity goes out for several hours, or the light bulb goes out in the refrigerator.

I do believe that this newfangled living has spoiled us!


5 thoughts on “I: Ice Boxes

  1. Found you on the A to Z list, and it’s so cool to see a picture of an old ice box. My grandfather was an Ice Man back in the day. I would hear stories of him lugging the ice around, no wonder it didn’t melt before some deliveries. Love nostalgic stuff like this. ~Paula


  2. I was born in 1946 and I have a letter from my mother to my paternal grandparents thanking them for giving them the money to buy a refrigerator. She describes shopping for it and which one she bought. We used that same refrigerator until the mid 1970s. And she bought it when I was a toddler.

    I do remember using an ice box when we stayed at my uncles cottage at the lake. I don’t remember the mess though because I was a kid just there for the fun.


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