O: Old Jail Museum Complex, Palo Pinto, Texas

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O: Old Jail Museum Complex, Palo Pinto, Texas

old jail museumA Walk Through the Past….

The museum complex includes the jail and yard, several pioneer cabins, Fort Black Springs, the carriage house and various artefacts.

The first floor of the Jail was a residence for the jailer and his family; they lived between two heavy steel doors—one to the outside world, the other a pass-through door for serving meals to the prisoners.

Now the first floor houses artefacts and stories of the pioneers of Palo Pinto County. Explore the first floor artefacts and be sure to locate the framed pictures of the Sheriffs with “loaded” dice from a gambling machine destroyed by the Palo Pinto County Sheriff’s Department, the 1856 Palo Pinto County Star Press, and the Switchboard used by the Palo Pinto Telephone Company.



2 thoughts on “O: Old Jail Museum Complex, Palo Pinto, Texas

  1. Old jails are terribly fascinating. I visited one recently at the railroad museum in Teague Texas. P is for Popping by to say congrats on passing the 1/2 way mark on your A to Z journey.


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