Q: Quilting

A2Z-BADGE-0002015-LifeisGood-230_zps660c38a0Q: Quilting

Quilting – it’s still popular today, just as it’s been for many years.

Personally, my favorite quilts are those from the Depression and post-depression days. There’s something that speaks to me, thinking of the women sitting around the fireside quilting, stitch after stitch, creating something beautiful to keep their family warm.

To DorisI’ve collected several quilts from this period. Not as many as I’d like, because I can’t afford to buy each one I admire and long for.

Naturally, my favorite story though is the one about the 1934 quilt squares I found in a yard sale about ten or twelve years ago. They had names stitched on them. When I finally discovered the source of the names, the women and young girls all came from the Athelstan, Iowa area. (Calico Connections is a post about the squares in the set, with all of the names.)

I no longer own the quilt squares. Last summer I took them to the Taylor County Historical Museum, in Bedford, Iowa. I miss them. But it’s all good. In exchange for the squares, I’ve met many descendants of the women that created these squares and I’ve made new lifelong friends amongst these women. My world is infinitely better from meeting these women and hearing the stories of the women that lived in Iowa long before I was born.

Quilting – it does more than keep our families warm. Sometimes it stitches memories and friendships across the miles and across the years.



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