S: Settlement to City Museum, Grapevine, Texas

A2Z-BADGE-0002015-LifeisGood-230_zps660c38a0S: Settlement to City Museum, Grapevine, Texas

Tsettlement to city museumhe Grapevine Historical Museum, inside the replica Grapevine Ice Company building. Visitors to the Grapevine Historical Museum explore the cultural and family life of early Grapevine residents in such areas as agriculture, industry, childhood and more. Exhibits include a trip through Grandma’s attic, restored wedding gowns, farm and dairy life, and much more.

The Donald Schoolhouse, a ca. 1900 school building, offers a lesson on education as it developed on the Grape Vine Prairie – beginning in a log cabin and growing into today’s modern school district. Originally a Home Economics and Agriculture building for the Donald School was originally situated on Denton Creek. It teaches us about education on the Grape Vine Prairie.

The Keeling House Museum resides in a ca. 1888 historic home and chronicles how Grapevine developed from a pioneer settlement into a world-class city and visitor destination. Inside the museum you will see old time police and fire treasures and other City of Grapevine artifacts. There is also a collection of Mayor William D. Tate’s artifacts. Inside The Keeling House Museum, guests will discover a working 1881 Chandler and Price Press (the Grapevine LetterPress Lab). The Keeling House Museum is home to the Settlement to City collection. This exhibit was created for Grapevine’s centennial and highlights the city’s growth from prairie settlement to city.

The Grapevine Cotton Ginner’s Museum, inside a ca. 1910 house, chronicles the era when cotton was king and three gins in town prepared Grapevine’s crop to touch the world. This museum features hands on activities including the route for Texas Prairie cotton. This wonderful museum can be reserved for private functions and conferences.



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