Z: Zaner Robison Historical Museum

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Z: Zaner Robison Historical Museum, Royse City, Texas

royse cityToday we reach the letter ‘Z’ and wrap up our A to Z blog. Thank you for visiting during this fun (and sometimes challenging) trip through the alphabet, as it relates to ‘the good ole days’.

The Zaner Robinson Historical Museum depicts life on the Blackland Prairie from early settlers through the boom years (1920-1960’s). It is housed in a 1925 building that is a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark and in the National Register of Historic Places.

Zaner Robison Historical Museum 124 Arch Street Royse City, Texas 75189 972-635-7438 herldine.radley@roysecity.com

Open Noon – 4 PM, Thursday – Saturday

Free Admission Please call ahead for tours.


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