A Fayetteville New Year – 1948 style

Flora diary_outside coverFlora Cardwell Luper wrote in her diary at the end of every day. Every day. Faithfully. Religiously. Sometimes not a lot. Sometimes undecipherable. But what she left in her 5 year diary is a little slice of her life.

Flora wrote often of her family: Her husband, Al, her daughters Marge and Dot, her sons Wade and Thord – and especially of her grandson, Stug.

Here are a few entries, as she started a new diary in January 1948, one she’d consistently fill with entries for five years, until the end of 1952. Through her eyes, she leaves an imprint of Fayetteville, Springdale and northwest Arkansas from over 60 years ago.

Flora diary_journal entries

January 1, 1948 Alice was home, but not James. Cold & snowing today. Al went to work. Burl stopped for Margie, Stug & I to eat N.Y. dinner with them.

January 2, 1948 Donna Mae ____ took Margie & Virginia to a show in Springdale. Stug stayed with Al & I. He was good. Letter from Dot.

January 3, 1948 Sent Melba Margie M. dresses. She made her one, Marg one. Margie bought them a new dress. Melba made them.

January 4, 1948 Locker cost $12.50. $6 for wrapping the beef. Jan 8 went to W.M.U. at the church. Stug & Marg & I went down on the bus.

January 5, 1948 Al, Harold, Carrol killed the black calf to nite. Hung up one hind qt. Up the rest in a locker $12.50. Stug has a cold. Bless him.

January 6, 1948 Sure having good eats. The calf fine. Margie & I wash & iron. Getting ready for Thord when he comes up after her to go to Ft. Smith in the truck.

January 7, 1948 Wash & iron as usual. Grandad comes up to see Margie about in a wk. Edwin called from Miami & talked to Margie from Joy.

I hope you enjoyed this step back in time.